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Are you looking for construction industry marketing services and fresh ideas to grow your business? If you’re a building contractor, subcontractor or building products supplier, you’re in the right place. We guarantee to get you the results you want. Quickly, cost-effectively and effortlessly (it’s effortless for you ... not for us).

your marketing subcontractor

Like a subcontractor that specialises in a particular trade, our specialist trade is construction marketing. We focus exclusively on building contractors, subcontractors and building product suppliers, and our deep understanding of the construction industry means ...

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Industry Knowledge

"I’m a busy building contractor and I don’t have much time to explain things, Keystone’s knowledge of the industry saves me a lot of time and hassle.”

Product Knowledge

“Alan has in-depth knowledge of the building industry which he used to develop an excellent strategy. Through Alan’s efforts we increased our sales and profit margins.’’

Marketing Knowledge

“Keystone provide expert advice and a level of marketing expertise that we could not do without."

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