“Keystone provide expert advice and a level of marketing expertise that we could not do without. It’s like having all the benefits of an experienced construction industry Marketing Director at a fraction of the cost"

John Rolfe - Director of Thomann-Hanry

Email Marketing

e-Mailshots are promotional emails sent to your existing and potential customers with a specific objective. Usually to encourage them to buy from you. Email marketing works very well in the construction industry. But there’s much more to it than boring your customers into submission with a newsletter which is all about you.

Learn how email marketing can help you business, in this article by our MD, Alan Gayle.

You probably get several promotional emails every day, and probably delete several of them without even opening them. You also probably get your fair share of spam. We get it too, it’s a pain. But don’t confuse that junk mail with what we’re offering you here. When it’s done properly, email marketing is very cost-effective and will produce great results for you. .

There are several ingredients to a good email marketing campaign: design, content, relevance, a compelling offer, call to action, email client compatibility and good follow-up are all essential. Don’t worry if these terms are unfamiliar, that’s why we’re here. We will explain all the options to you, give you our recommendations and implement every stage of the campaign on your behalf.

Why use us for your email marketing?

If you get one element wrong of an e-mailshot wrong, it can be disastrous for your entire campaign. So let us take all the risk? We’re so confident our e-mailshots will deliver the results you want, once we’ve agreed the objectives and the budget, we will only charge you if we achieve your specific objectives for the campaign.

See our unique 'No Results - No Fee' E-MAILSHOT GUARANTEE

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