“We followed Keystone’s advice to improve our results on Google and now we’re high up on page one. We were considering using an SEO consultant which would have cost a few thousand pounds over a year.”

Martin Fewtrell - Director, Terreal UK


Keystone Construction Marketing is an integrated communications agency specialising in the construction industry. We focus exclusively on building contractors, subcontractors and building product *suppliers that want to increase their sales and improve their margins. Think of us as your 'marketing subcontractor'.

*When we say ‘suppliers’ we mean manufacturers, distributors or merchants supplying the construction industry.


Our approach is simple: We want to help you make more money by winning new customers, retaining your existing customers and increasing your margins.

Do you want to minimise your costs and maximise your profits? We understand. It’s only after your business grows and you continue to use our services that our business will grow.

Do you want to work with a team headed by someone with 30 years experience in construction industry sales and marketing? You're in the right place. We have short lines of communication so your work will always be managed by our MD. You will also find we’re easy to work with and we’re happy to go the ‘extra mile’ when you need us to.

Do you want the flexibility to use us only when you need us? No problem. We won’t charge you a retainer and we won’t lock you in to a contract (unless you prefer it that way). Our clients return to us because they want to, not because they have to.


Keystone Construction Marketing’s aim is to combine our construction industry knowledge with our marketing ‘know-how’ to become the trusted business partner of building contractors, subcontractors and building product *suppliers that are looking for growth. Our focus is on giving you a competitive edge, making you more profitable and making your marketing easy.

Contact us to find out how we can help you stand out from your competitors.


Keystone Construction Marketing Ltd is the re-branded trading style of Gayle Associates Ltd which was formed in 2008 by Alan Gayle. The Company was formed in 2011 and it operates in the same market that Gayle Associates did and provides the same range of marketing services.

We took the decision to re-brand because Gayle Associates had evolved beyond its original remit as a business for one freelance marketer. Keystone Construction Marketing is an integrated marketing communications agency with a team set up to service a far larger client base. All Gayle Associates clients have been novated across to Keystone Construction Marketing.

NB – Some of the customer testimonials and case studies on this website relate to work carried out by Gayle Associates.

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